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  • Susan Keeler

The magic of the Project Lab: um, tools!

Do you ever feel off and disorganized?

I got this text the other day from a former labster: "I had been feeling off and disorganized, so I pulled out my Project Lab notebook and did a weekly learnings and plan sheet. Have had the best week in quite some time. Thank you!!!"

We play around with a lot of tools in the lab. Two of the most important ones are the Action Design and the Learning Log, both of which we use weekly...for four months straight! Using these tools can create magic.

In a nutshell, each week we use the Action Design tool to write down the 3-6 things we absolutely commit to doing in the coming week to move our project forward. Then at the end of the week we use the Learning Log to 1) reflect on what we did or didn't do that we said we'd do, 2) log what synchronicities or 'coincidences' we had -- amazing what you notice when you're paying attention -- and 3) identify three things we learned in the doing (or not-doing - haha!) of our action commitments.

This creates a really cool cycle of Commitment --> Action ---> Reflection --> Next Commitment. This is how we learn from experience; this is where the rubber meets the road; and this is where the magic happens.

What tools do you use to get unstuck?

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