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The Project Lab is a safe haven to connect with others and accomplish something you haven't been able to do on your own.


With a combination of tools, structure, connection, and support, you can do, today, that thing you've always dreamed about doing "one day."

Yes, you're human...

Without support, it can be hard to do it alone because:


  • We somehow "forget" what we were so excited about

  • We have a great plan, but when it doesn't work out the way we thought it would, we give up​

  • We have work, a family, and lots of important commitments - how the heck do we find the time?

But you are also brave and you deserve to create a meaningful life

With the right support, so much is possible. The Project Lab provides:

  • A reliable proven way to clarify and absolutely accomplish goals

  • Accountability!

  • So much fun and a ridiculous amount of support from others


Four month program

Three workshops a month




The next Project Lab has not been scheduled yet.

next step?

Schedule free session with facilitator to learn more about the lab and make sure the lab is a good fit for your project

Sample Projects

Project Lab projects can be creative, wellness-oriented, work- or relationship-focused, spiritual, or all of the above.

Examples of projects labsters have successfully accomplished include:

  • Starting a business

  • Enhancing fitness and health

  • Finding a mate

  • Writing a book

  • Recording first album

  • Changing careers

  • De-cluttering the house

What's your project?

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