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How to know if the Project Lab is a good fit for your project

The summer is speeding by quickly, and a new Project Lab is in the works starting September 10th. I have been meeting with prospective labsters for possibility conversations to discern whether or not the Project Lab is a good fit for what they want to work on. It doesn't matter whether your project is a creative, business, wellness, relationship- or spiritually-focused. What matters more are these three simple things:

1. Your project needs to be something that would be a total thrill to pull off! The lab provides tons of support, but if that support is not in service of achieving some totally awesome results, the workshops, pod meetings, and buddy calls will just feel like busy work. How do you dream up possible projects? One place to look is to remember those dreams you had when you were a kid. Or maybe you have a dream that you actually did take a shot at, but for whatever reason, you decided you couldn't do it and gave up. Another place to look is to take a conscious goal you have now and reeeaaallly expand it. For example, instead of "Get a better job", how about "get a job that incorporates these five things I love to do and makes twice the income I'm making now." Get the idea?

2. Your project should be something you just don't know how to do. Think about it: if you already know how to do your project, or it is something that you're just going to do anyway, why go through the additional time and expense to do the lab? A good Project Lab project produces results that inspire in you a feeling of mystery and awe, and -- dare we say it -- maybe a little bit of fear.

3. Your project is like a problem, not a puzzle. What's the difference? A puzzle has a known right answer. All you need to do to solve a puzzle is a little research, a little action based on the research, and then bingo, you made it happen! But a Project Lab project has no given "right solution" or path. How you achieve your project results in the lab depends on so many other things than just knowing the right answer. For example, it depends on who the other labsters are in your lab, because they are going to be your allies in making your project happen. These particular people know what they know, have the life experience they have, and are the exact people you need to realize your project results. When you begin there is no telling how you're going to pull it off, but for sure the other labsters are going to hugely impact your path to success. (And by the way, they're not going to let you off the hook either, sorry :-).)

One last thing: you don't have to totally know what your project is when you sign up for the lab. In the first couple of sessions we will help you figure it out, refine your results, and get really really clear. So if you've got some dreams that have been bubbling up lately, connect with me 512-751-8323. Let's have a possibility conversation!

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